About SNI

Strategic Services

We assist clients with top line performance and growth through emphasizing carefully planned roles of every contributor to fulfilling the mission. We apply the Tipping Point Research of Malcolm Gladwell when supporting our clients. His research has taught us to emphasize diversity of personalities in leadership and the flaw of attempting solo blockbusters. Thus, we advocate for effective teamwork.

Meet Terry Newmyer

Managing Director of Strategies Now, Inc.

Terry's goal is to help aspiring business leaders with implementation of their vision, especially for those that have ambitions to achieve growth initiatives or philanthropy results. According to Terry’s observation, "Original ideas and planning are important steps, but focused implementation with teamwork is key to experiencing strong results."

  • Terry has held assignments at the Senior Vice President and CEO levels that have spanned three different health systems.
  • His joys include fund raising. He has contributed leadership to successful campaigns, now totaling over $250 million.
  • His background also includes experience as a former KPMG Partner. He has delivered strategy services in over fifty markets.