Management Outsourcing

Executive Talent on a Budget

Dr. Thomas Coon's vision becomes a reality through collaboration with SNI and partners.

Key Takeaways
  • High caliber talent to lead your vision can be retained despite modest volumes through a timeshare methodology.
  • Many seasoned executives who are late in their career or early in their retirement find meaningfulness in part time senior executive assignments.
  • The most valuable assets of any company are the people - assure that you have retained a winning team.

The Coon Smart Knees venture has a vision to deploy top-tier surgical services to world markets around the globe. As a start-up firm, it is initially opening a single clinic in Asia with a two surgeons. The founder is Dr. Thomas Coon, global leader in knee replacement surgery. Dr. Coon is ideally suited as a founder for leading the launch of this vision. His own track record of over 10,000 joint replacements, with an amazing safety and efficiency record, positions him as a pacesetter. Further, his authoring 87 scientific publications demonstrates his role as a world authority.

Approach & Solution

While Dr. Coon himself is extraordinary, the start-up of his new venture Coon Smart Knees is funded with venture capital and is being introduced as a small business with limited capital. Thus, despite the complexity to enter a new world market and produce an international business model positioned for multi-national and multi-specialty development, the funding is modest and must be carefully deployed.

When considering management options, Coon Smart Knees either needed to adopt a traditional structure with standard practice management, or enter a time share model to assure the presence of a seasoned executive assigned for setting and implementing a business formula consistent with the Coon Smart Knees vision.

Terry Newmyer was selected by Dr. Coon personally to fulfill the duties of CEO for Coon Smart Knees on a part time outsourced basis. Dr. Coon and his small company has the availability of Newmyer, whenever requested, while also absorbing the contract expenses of Newmyer as only a part time leader.

  • Contract negotiations with partners such as a host clinic and a Fortune 500 partner produced momentum.
  • Licensing and accreditation within a Country that has different and extensive policies requiring special handling.
  • Setting a patient acquisition model requiring matching tools around the unique market characteristics of an international model.